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Welcome to your online source for concise natural health information about whole food nutrition, holistic therapies and alternative health supplements ... reported by a mom who cares about healthy families.

I used to think I ate well and lived a healthy lifestyle. I loved to exercise. I followed conventional nutrition advice and ate fat-free dairy products and avoided butter and most animal products.

But the truth is, I didn't always feel healthy. I exercised, but had little energy. I got sick with the flu or a bad cold every winter. I thought this was normal. I didn't know what was best for my body.

When I had children, I began to ask more questions, especially when it came to their natural wellness and health. I wanted to know what was best for my kids, my husband, and my aging parents. Now, several years later, my family has a diet that truly nourishes us.

We have learned how to properly care for our bodies and each other. My children are blessed with extremely good health. Between the three of them, we have not had a single sick visit to the doctor this year ... or last year ... or at all, since we began our whole foods approach to natural health.

This website is, in part, a labor of love created to help families achieve optimal health, naturally. We have benefited tremendously from the nutrition research and work of many before us, and I would like to pay it forward.

I've intentionally kept the natural health information here concise. I know you're busy and often a summary is the most helpful. When you're ready to dig deeper on a topic, I've provided links and resources to help you find what you seek.

At, you can...

Change your life with a healthy eating diet plan. Natural wellness and health begins with what you eat. Does your current diet nourish your body? You may need to boost your whole food nutrition with raw foods. Some simple, basic changes can help you achieve natural health and nutrition.

Learn about alternative health supplements, including herbal dietary supplements, natural vitamin A, whole food supplements and more. Get the scoop on all natural health supplements such as cod liver oil and dried liver capsules.

Discover men and women's natural health remedies and wonderful ways to live longer and feel better...naturally.

Experiment with our natural health recipes to find delicious, nourishing food ideas your family will love.

Explore natural health education, from natural health colleges and training to accredited natural health degrees, natural health books and more. As medicine evolves, learning about natural approaches to sickness becomes more important. Learn about getting a natural health PhD or other degrees here.

The natural health information here is gleaned from established natural health journals, books, alternative health education ... and my own experience. As a nutrition foundation chapter leader, and a mom to three healthy children, I know how important family health and wellness is.

Read on to find the natural health information you seek. May you experience natural wellness and health!

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