Natural Arthritis Medication =
Relief from Arthritis Pain

arthritis,natural arthritis medication

Does natural arthritis medication really exist? Can you lessen arthritis symptoms naturally and experience relief from arthritis pain without chemicals, synthetic pain relievers and drugs?

Many who suffer from arthritis know that it is possible and have taken the steps for natural relief from arthritis pain. By nourishing their tissues and joints, they have experienced more than simple pain relief and rejuvenated their bodies.

*Rheumatoid Arthritis is different than osteoarthritis, commonly known as "arthritis", and is treated differently. The information here applies to common arthritis, not to Rheumatoid Arthritis.*

  • Juicing Therapy. Dr. Bernard Jensen, renowned health expert and author of "Foods that Heal", recommends a healthful blend of celery and parsley juices, a pint a day, sipped between meals.

  • Food allergies. Avoid known food allergies and get a health consultation to find hidden food allergies.

  • Glucosamine Sulfate, 500 mg daily, can help repair cartilage and improve joints. Look for a natural supplement source.

  • Gentle Exercise, in the form of yoga, Pilates or swimming, improves blood circulation to the joints.

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    More natural arthritis cures:

  • Fresh Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. Slice a few slivers into a tea ball in a mug. Pour in boiling water and allow to steep for 10 minutes before sipping.

  • Essential Oils rub, made with lemon and sandlewood essential oils and rubbed on affected joints 2-4 times daily, may help to lessen pain and inflammation.

  • Whey and Black Mission Figs are another edible combination recommended by Dr. Bernard Jensen as a natural arthritis medication.

  • Avoid Sugar, refined flour and sweets of any kind, which aggravate the problem and heighten arthritis pain.

  • Raw Milk and dairy products allow the body to absorb the calcium it needs to improve bones and joints. Avoid conventional (pasteurized) milk and cream, which contribute to improper calcium metabolism.

  • Raw Vegetable salads deliver importnat enzymes that help nourish the body's weak spots.

  • Cod Liver Oil. Take this superfood supplement in conjunction with natural calcium and raw cream.

    Arthritis varies from minor pain to a debilitating, chronic condition. Neither end of the spectrum is desirable, and neither should be considered simply part of growing old. Take small steps to conquer arthritis symptoms naturally and you will hopefully see impressive results.

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