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Creating a natural food recipe collection is an important step as you transition to whole food nutrition. Many recipes can be modified to include traditional food preparation techniques; you'll learn how to make your own easy healthy recipes as you practice with these methods.

Build your healthy eating diet plan around natural food recipes your family enjoys. Here are some of my family's favorites... and keep scrolling; I've listed my very favorite sources below.

  • Whole Grain Bread: Here's how to make bread in a bread machine, using soaked whole-grain flour. You'll adapt your own bread machine bread recipe in the following way:
    1. Measure the water, flour and oil or butter into the bread machine. Add a tablespoon of whey. Turn the bread machine on for several minutes, until the ingredients are well mixed and a dough forms.
    2. Allow the dough to rest, lid closed, for 12-24 hours. During this soaking process, the whole grain flour undergoes a natural fermentation process aided by the whey, making the end product more nutritious and digestible.
    3. Add salt, sugar or honey, and yeast.
    4. Turn bread machine on and add more flour or water if needed to produce a firm dough.
    5. Allow bread machine to do its thing. Voilà!

    Note: I love home milling my own flour from whole grains in my Nutrimill. Because whole grains are so much cheaper than buying flour, my mill paid for itself very quickly. And the freshness and intact nutrients can not be matched!

  • Raw Milk Yogurt Recipe: This may be the simplest, most useful natural food recipe you learn. I make mine a quart at a time in a simple Salton Yogurt Maker.
    1. Heat one quart of raw milk on the stove, stirring occasionaly, until it reaches a temperature of 110° F (43° C).
    2. Remove from heat and stir in 1/4 cup organic yogurt OR a packet of dried yogurt starter. Mix well.
    3. Pour into preheated yogurt maker (or keep covered at 100-110° F/-43° C in a food dehydrator or other warmer) for 6-10 hours.
    4. Chill and serve. Mix in fruit or maple syrup and vanilla extract as desired.

  • Yogurt Cheese and Whey: Okay, maybe this is even simpler than raw milk yogurt. Simply pour raw milk yogurt into a yogurt cheese maker and allow it to sit in the refrigerator for 18-24 hours. At that point, you can transfer the separated yogurt cheese and whey into their own containers. Yogurt cheese makes an excellent base for bagel spreads, and whey is indispensable for natural health and nutrition.

  • Natural Granola: Most granola recipes are not recommended because the grains are not properly prepared, thus making digestion difficult. Check out this natural food recipe for granola that is delicious and nutritious.

  • Chicken Stock In a medium or large pot, cover a chicken carcass or chicken bones with cool water. Add onion or carrot scraps or pieces, as well as celery stalks. Pour in a tablespoon of vinegar and allow to sit for ten minutes. Place pot on burner on low heat for 3-4 hours. Allow to cool for several hours, and then reheat to boiling. Remove bones and vegetable pieces and store chicken broth in the refrigerator or freezer until use.

    And those recipe sources I promised you? My favorites include:

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