7 Natural Health Cures:
Holistic Remedies that Work

Check out these natural health cures you may not have seen, and below are resources for more. Avoid chemical-laden synthetic drugs whenever possible and nourish your body with holistic and integrated medicine.

Here are seven natural health cures to remember:

  • Arthritis is improved drastically by taking high-vitamin cod liver oil and x-factor butter oil and cutting out citrus fruit, processed foods and all sugars.

  • Flu is avoided or symptoms greatly reduced by fasting at the first signs of illness. In Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine, Dr. Ron Schmid, ND, recommends taking only water, herbal teas, vitamin C and cod liver oil during the fast. Do not eat until well after the temperature has broken.

  • Headaches improve by taking an herbal tincture of cramp bark every hour for three hours. Follow label for proper dosage.

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  • Insomnia can be helped by juicing lettuce and celery and sipping one quart throughout the day.

  • Jet Lag is overcome by Siberian ginseng. Adapt to new time zones by taking 250 mg capsules twice daily, beginning several days before the trip.

  • Muscle Pain calls for arnica gel ointment or arnica oil, either of which should be rubbed into the skin at the affected site.

  • Sore Throats feel better after gargling a tea made from echinacea. Use a teaspoon of the herb per cup of boiling water and allow to steam. Strain and gargle after it cools.

  • Warts have been known to disappear when conventional bread products are replaced by breads made from fresh home ground /fresh milled 100% whole wheat flour.

    I try to avoid drugs and medical intervention whenever possible. The human body has an incredible ability to heal itself when given adequate nutrition, rest and herbal aid when indicated.

    Even with my children, I am not quick to rush them to the doctor unless there is a true emergency (I wasn't about to try stitching my son's cut at home, that goes without saying!). In general, I help them cope with the occasional sore throat, fever or other symptom in a gentle manner, at home.

    I have a decent library of resources and recommend the following books: