Some Natural Health Magazines
To Check Out

There are a handful of natural health magazines you can rely on to provide accurate, proven research, solid nutrition and diet guidelines, sage advice and timely, relevant news. Other magazines fall short due to impartiality, flawed research and poor content.

Following are several good ones. These were chosen based on the criteria above, and although they may not be perfect, they stand out in the field of natural health journals. This list is not exhaustive and we'll add more as we discover them.

Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation, is excellent. Many of its articles pertain directly to natural health through native diets. Many will also appreciate the excellent, well-researched articles on children's health and critiques on established medical practices.

Well Being Journal provides timely information about the harmful effects of genetically modified foods and artificial ingredients, as well as fitness articles and research on children's health issues such as vaccinations.

Health Journal of the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation also contains excellent nutrition information for individuals, dietitians, researchers and health practitioners. (continued below)

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Natural Healing Today: Alternative Health Magazine has some excellent articles and resources; however, some of its articles are flawed, and some promote soy products, whose benefits are highly debated. More information to come.

NEXUS: Colorado's Holistic Journal provides alternative health news and resources.

As you read through the natural health magazines you come across, look for solidly researched articles (footnotes are important!) and timely content.

Avoid publications with lots of big-name advertisements. A classified section in the back is good, and advertisements from companies with good natural products are fine, but if the drug companies have full-color pages, be careful. It might be a wolf in sheep's clothing ... or a conventional health magazine disguised as an alternative one.

Personally, I subscribe to Wise Traditions and keep each issue for reference. I don't plan to part with my back issues; they're like gold. Each one covers topics that apply to me or my family and resources such as book reviews, recommended reading lists and food sources.

I keep abreast of new quality research and studies that matter through the journal and am encouraged to continue with my family's natural approach to wellness and diet. For me, that is worth the cost many times over.

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