Basic Natural Health Remedies

Would you like to avoid over-the-counter drugs and prescription medications? Turn to natural health remedies whenever possible to relieve symptoms and restore natural wellness and health.

Begin with whole food nutrition, remembering to "Let thy medicine be thy food." Avoid processed foods, white flour, sugars and unnatural food products. Nourish yourself properly to avoid common ailments and physical maladies.

Read more about a healthy eating diet plan here.

Be sure that you are taking any necessary whole food supplements, such as cod liver oil and coconut oil, to improve health and remove deficiencies. Check out the primer on alternative health supplements ... natural health remedies

Natural Health Remedies

Natural relief from arthritis pain can be achieved without pain killers. Many attribute flax seed oil for a lessening of arthritis pain. Raw pasture-produced whole cream has helped others overcome crippling joint pain. For some tips on arthritis and natural remedies, read more about natural arthritis medication here.

Would you like to improve your skin health? Find natural acne cures that really work here.

Is naturally lowering cholesterol possible? A better question might be, is it desirable? It's quite possible that cholesterol is one of the most misunderstood health concepts in America, starting with the conventional medical establishment. Learn the truth about cholesterol lowering drugs.

Colds and flus should be treated with fasting and a few supplements. See more at "Seven Natural Health Cures that Work."

Digestive issues need immediate attention. Proper bowel care is essential for natural health and wellness. (developing)

Natural menstrual health is important for women and their overall wellness. Proper diet and regular exercise go a long way to restoring womens natural health. Sometimes, herbal tinctures, such as chasteberry to improve cycle regularity, help.

There are several other herbs used to alleviate menstrual pain and improve cycles naturally, including licorice root for hormone balancing and cramp bark for relief from cramps.

Achieve natural mental health through a proper balance in your body. Fatty acids are critical for proper brain function, and a native-style diet will go a long way to achieving this. In order to function properly, the human brain must have the proper fats, nutrients and trace minerals.

Often, natural health remedies provide an excellent way to heal the body without using drugs or synthetic chemicals. Learn about these natural remedies to improve your general health and wellness.

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