Optimal Natural Health:
Historic Perspectives

What is optimal natural health, and how can you achieve it? Learn from traditional diets and native, healthy cultures to change your life.

natural health, natural beauty, native diet, optimal natural health, beautiful woman, native woman, culture Are you healthy? Or are you often tired, stressed, and hungry, even when you've eaten plenty? Do you crave sweets and snacks? Are you unsure what your body needs?

People who follow native diets typically enjoy natural wellness and health. They eat what is best for their bodies, and what they truly enjoy, not what a commercialized industry manufacturers.

I learned about native diets and whole food nutrition several years ago. After changing my diet and what I fed my family, I was amazed by the difference in all of us. We were all healthier, happier and truly satisfied after our meals.

The most fascinating book I read, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston A. Price, DDS, provided a wealth of information on optimal natural health. I highly recommend that you read it, but at over 500 pages, it will take some time.

Another excellent book makes a more practical guide for busy families and answers the what-now question: Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine by Dr. Ron Schmid, ND.

Here are the basics, extrapolated from these books. This is very concise of course, so I recommend further reading. I have to say it again:

People following native diets tend to enjoy excellent health. Cultures that eat what their ancestors ate and do not consume manufactured or processed foods, were and are typically free of modern maladies such as cancer, heart disease, dental cavities, depression, fragile bones and weak constitutions.

Native diets typically include whole, natural foods, including some from animal sources. in fact, all physically healthy native cultures had at least one (and usually many more) highly prized food from animal sources.

Most modern cultures suffer from a vast host of diseases. We all know someone who has cancer, heart disease, or another health crisis. My grandmother died recently of cancer. She was in her 60's. I miss her terribly, and her death was a huge blow to my family. She was so young.

I don't believe cancer is inevitable. I know there is a great deal you and I can do to improve our bodily health and prevent cancer.

Modern diets generally use white flour, white sugar and sweeteners, fat substitutes and other damaging processed foods. Most animal products come from large feed lot style operations where sunlight and grass for the animals are typically not available at all.

Is there a connection between our diets and our health? Most people realize that there is, of course, a very deep connection.

But the mainstream information about diets and proper nutrition may be seriously flawed. It is of paramount importance to go back to the diets of our ancestors to determine what we should be eating. What will nourish our bodies? What gives us the best chance to stay healthy?

Native diets included fresh, usually raw or naturally fermented vegetables; raw dairy products if available; grass-fed animal meat and fats, fish and fish oils. Grain products were prepared by soaking, sprouting or fermenting techniques.

It goes without saying that native cultures did not can their foods in round tins. they did not use artificial colors, sweeteners, or other ingredients. There was no high fructose corn syrup and no genetically modified foods.

By bringing your diet back in line with traditional wisdom about the best food and nutrition for your body, you too can experience optimal natural health.

If this seems overwhelming, please realize that you can start small. Each of your efforts will be richly rewarded, giving you the motivation you need to keep working toward optimal natural health through your diet and way of life.

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