What are Whole Food Supplements?

What defines whole food supplements, which are the best, and where can you buy them?

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Whole food supplements are dietary supplements in the form of liquids, solids, pills, and powder derived solely from whole, natural food ingredients and not containing isolated or synthetic vitamins or amino acid compounds.

Examples include cod liver oil, liquid vitamins made from fruits and vegetables, freeze-dried liver in capsule form, and alfalfa, wheat grass and kelp in various forms.

The important thing is that they do not isolate individual vitamins or amino acid complexes, but keep the food as intact as possible.

Many researchers, doctors and scientists teach that we can best utilize vitamins that come to us in their natural state and have not been separated from supporting elements and complexes within the food.

When you buy vitamins, look for a list of ingredients that reads like this: "Carrots, wheat grass, broccoli, orange juice." Choose these over ones that contain lists of ingredients like "beta carotene, potassium, glutamic acid." The latter contains individual vitamins and these are not truly whole food ingredients.

The best way to get the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to thrive is to eat natural foods themselves. Get the iron you need by eating a couple servings of grass-fed beef liver a week. Drink raw milk to provide calcium your body can absorb. Eat soaked whole grains, such as Irish oatmeal, and fresh raw vegetables, to round out your diet and provide missing nutrition.

In my family, we take cod liver oil as it is an excellent source of vitamin A and D and essential fatty acids. However, we do not take multivitamins -- I don't even take them while pregnant, preferring to get my nutrition from the variety of foods I eat.


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