Womens Fitness and Health:
Tips & Resources

You know that womens fitness and health is important. It's critical not just for you, but for all the women in your life.

How can you best take care of your body and encourage the women you love to do the same? Here are some womens fitness and health starting points.

(Swamped for time? Try these 5 simple womens health tips to start.)

♥ After doing your research on natural diets and the best whole food nutrition, implement a healthy eating diet plan that is both nourishing and practical. Locate good sources for your food, and play around with different menus and meal plans to find the best diet.

♥ Stay physically active. Work in the garden or yard, and walk places whenever possible to add natural exercise to your day. Start a Pilates or other low-impact training regime to build strength if you don't exercise regularly. Optimal womens fitness health combines nutrition with physical work for best results. natural women's health

♥ Get some sun. Natural sunlight is good for your optimal health. Avoid burning by getting outdoors early in the spring and summer seasons and gradually building up to more time in the sun. Protect your skin naturally by avoiding sunscreens and harmful chemicals. Instead, avoid the intense mid-day sun and wear hats and thin, natural-fiber clothing in the heat.

♥ Eat healthy fats. Many women dieting to lose weight make the mistake of cutting fats out of their nutrition, which is harmful on many levels. Find out about the best fats and learn how eating fat can actually boost your body's metabolism and help you lose weight.

♥ Nourish your skin with natural skin care. Avoid chemical-laden cosmetics and unnatural skin creams. Use natural skin care regimes, such as Burt's Bees and Nutrimetics items.

♥ Use natural womens health care products, from whole food supplements and food remedies to organic shampoo.

♥ Avoid cholesterol-lowering drugs, hormone replacement therapy and other unnatural practices whenever possible.

Help other women live healthier, fuller lives by sharing what you know about womens fitness and health. Find a good friend who wants to improve her family's natural health and nutrition too. Together, you can inspire and encourage each other.

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