Womens Health Publications:
Criteria to Consider

Thumbing through womens health publications, are you ever struck by the conflicting messages, loud advertisements and an agenda that's hard to trust? Some magazines deliver less than stellar quality, and finding natural health publications you can rely on for accurate, proven research, solid nutrition and diet guidelines, and timely, relevant news is challenging.

Here are some criteria to consider and things to look for when reading or evaluating health-related magazines.

Advertisements: Is the magazine plastered with full-page color ads and paid advertising space? If a magazine is financed in large part by advertising, its neutrality is potentially compromised. Even worse, if the advertisements are from large drug companies, be skeptical of the content. It may have a very slanted view.

Low-Fat Diets and a focus on weight loss in general is usually a bad sign. Good fats, such as coconut oil, are crucial for women's natural health and proper function. Weight loss diets should focus on nourishing foods that improve metabolism and overall nutrition, with weight loss as a natural side effect.

Recipes that include artificial sugar substitutes, white sugar or flour products, processed convenience foods or other artificial ingredients provide a tip-off that it's not a natural health magazine.

Birth Control advertisements and articles let you know that the publishers are more interested in pleasing advertisers and the status quo than providing the truth to its female readers. Those who study the research and clinical trials are well aware of the numerous documented ill side effects and health consequences of artificial and hormone-based contraceptions.

Product Focus that takes precedence over content gives the reader the impression that one can simply "buy" good health. Remember that information is your best resource.

Mediocre Content that reminds you of generic articles you've seen before, is a tip-off that you might be wasting your time on that particular periodical.Keep these aspects in mind as you research and read about health topics. Good, and even stellar, womens health publications exist. You just have to weed out the bad ones.

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